Works by Lynwood E. Oyos

Lynwood E. Oyos was born in North Dakota and for more than forty years has been a resident of South Dakota. Dr. Oyos (Ph.D., University of Nebraska) is Professor Emeritus of History at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, where he taught European and American, specifically South Dakota, history, from 1957 until 1994. Among his published works are The Little Church That Grew and Grew (1971), Prairie Faith, Pioneering People: A History of the Lutheran Church in South Dakota (1981), Over a Century of Leadership: South Dakota's Territorial and State Governors (1987), A Noble Calling (1990), and Following in His Steps: The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, 1922-1997 (1998). He has been named a Danforth Associate (1981) and has received a Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award (1987) and the Orin M. Lofthus Distinguished Professorship at Augustana College (1992-94).

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