More About Natural History of the Black Hills and Badlands

Readers who need or desire a comprehensive volume of natural history on two of South Dakota's most distinctive natural areas, one that goes well beyond casual information, will find this a valuable reference work.
-- South Dakota Magazine

Natural History of the Black Hills and Badlands manages to cover, in less than 200 pages, a remarkable amount of ground within its narrowly-defined field of vision. The result is a scholarly, yet thoroughly accessible, examination of an elusive and often neglected region of our country.
-- The Bloomsbury Review

This popular study brings together information that is of more than ordinary interest to the naturalist, scholar, and vacationer. The first section presents information of a general geological nature, including a geological map of the Black Hills. The second is historical and includes a lengthy section on South Dakota Indians. The third presents material of a biological nature, including vegetation, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals of the Hills area. Concluding sections deal with the current environment of the Hills, the spectacular Badlands, and the Hot Springs Mammoth Site, the location of the fossilized remains of dozens of prehistoric animals.

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