Works by Herbert Krause

Herbert Krause grew up near Fergus Falls in west-central Minnesota, a country he immortalized as "Pockerbrush Country" in his poetry and his novels. He attended Park Region Lutheran College and St. Olaf College, and earned his M.A. degree at the State University of Iowa. His prize-winning first novel, Wind Without Rain, was an unqualified success, winning him national acclaim and guaranteeing him a place among the great writers of the region. With his success as a writer came the beginning of a long and distinguished career as author, teacher, and scholar. His students at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, S.D., remember him as a brilliant and inspiring teacher, unbelievably erudite, whose mastery of the literature of the world was unparalleled. His writing was so varied and his output so great that only a sketchy account may be given here. His work includes three novels -- including The Thresher and The Oxcart Trail following in sequence after Wind Without Rain -- , plays, essays, and scores of poems, many of which were issued in various volumes. The posthumous Poems and Essays of Herbert Krause collected his scattered work in those forms and preserved them for a new generation of readers. Those who knew him realized that his intellectual grasp was greater than most people guessed. He was a qualified ornithologist, for example, whose serious work in the study of warblers and other species is much valued. The scope of his interests and the breadth of his accomplishments surely qualify him for recognition as a modern Renaissance Man.

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