More About Hutterites: Lives and Images of a Communal People

From the day-to-day life, to the community order, relationships, life cycles, 470-year history, and the challenges Hutterites have endured -- and continue to face -- in keeping old traditions alive while living in a fast changing world: this book captures the essence of what it means to live as a Hutterite. It also deals with the failed marriage between two communal people (the Hutterites and the Society of Brothers) in the last quarter of the 20th century.

The author, who was born and raised on a Hutterite colony, weaves his own experiences and observations into the text, and he also speaks frankly about the challenges of leaving and making a life outside the haven of the Hutterite community. Finally, he deals with some of the most common questions and misconceptions about Hutterite people.

With more than 140 photographs spread throughout the book, this work goes far beyond other books about the Hutterites.

"His (Hofer's) account of Hutterite life, past and present, is objective, thorough, and entertaining. Myths about the Hutterites - and there are many - are dispelled...while Hofer criticizes some practices and experiences of the past, his pride in his heritage is obvious...He paints an intimate picture of their lives with a matter of fact brush that allows the reader to understand without judging...The book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand our Hutterite neighbours." Mack McConnel, Rural Montana Magazine.

"A well-illustrated and comprehensive primer...constitutes valuable public education." The Globe & Mail.

"It's easy to read, contains over 140 (black & white) photographs, and speaks straight from the heart." The Village Press.

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