Peer Praise

"In this sixth 'Nebraska' adventure, Reynolds once again reveals his delightful sense of humor as well as his ability to keep readers turning pages." --William X. Kienzle

"William J. Reynolds has another winner in Drive-By. The author deftly interweaves the harsh topicality of today's gang violence with the special dignity of a debt owed an old Army buddy. The Nebraska series always provides soloid, thoughtful private eye entertainment." --Jeremiah Healy.

"The Midwest, America's heartland, and what a dark heart it is: gangs, drugs, vengeance. Up against all that, you have a private eye in trouble and an uncle's desperate search for justice. Drive-By never lets up. A gripping novel." --J. Madison Davis.

"The writing is witty, stylish, and shot through with humanity, and the suspense is as intense and consistent as Joe Montana's two minute drill. Welcome back, Nebraska." --Les Roberts

"Drive-By could have been ripped from the headlines of virtually any midwestern urban area as the gang phenomenon penetrates this bleak and terrifying world and hits with the punch of a round from an AK-47. Drive-By talks the talk, walks the walk and stands and delivers. Run, don't walk, to buy it." --David Everson.

"Get some Nebraska weather. He's hot on the trail and cool in a fight. You'll love Nebraska." --Barbara D'Amato.


About William J. Reynolds and Nebraska

"Nebraska is no bleeding heart do-gooder, but an honest man trying to do his job, and never, but never taking himself or life too seriously. Filled with constant self-effacing allusions to Spade, Marlowe, Archer, Hammer, and just about every other legendary sleuth, Reynolds is as much fun to read as anybody around either inside or outside the genre." --San Francisco Examiner

"One of the most refreshing additions to the ranks of hardboiled detectives, Nebraska is a quick-witted, Chandleresque PI and part-time freelance writer, who eschews revealing his first name." --Publisher's Weekly

"William J. Reynolds provides hard-boiled detective fiction with a twist of self-deprecating humor, dangerously but deftly skirting parody without betraying the tough-guy tradition. You can hear Dick Powell or Humphrey Bogart or Robert Montgomery delivering Nebraska's lines in tough-guy style as Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade." --Washington Post Book World

"Take away the palm trees. Move Raymond Chandler to Nebraska. Stir in humor. And you have a recipe for William J. Reynolds' modern murder mystery." -- Los Angeles Times

"William J. Reynolds is an exciting new mystery talent writing in the classic style. What more can you ask for?" --Len Deighton

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