More About The Call to Care

At some time in life nearly everyone becomes a caregiver, and some people even devote their entire lives to the task. The job is not an easy one, as most people soon discover, and perhaps nobody ever really perfects the process. We are all in need of instruction in the matter, and it is to the end of providing such instruction that The Call to Care was compiled. Produced originally as a part of a college course, the book has found readers among those who are interested in truly understanding caring in all its simplicity and all its complexity.

The editors -- a professor of philosophy, a professor of nursing, a doctor-poet, and an author -- have gathered an impressive body of work to illustrate the three aspects of caring that serve to organize the volume: the dimensions, the dilemmas, and the directions of caring. Here are some of the materials used:

Uncut Fiction

Excerpts from Modern Classics

Ethics and Philosophy


Personal Accounts



Case Histories

Explanations and Introductions

Contemporary Issues

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