The Call to Care

Preface - iii
Contents - v
Acknowledgement - viii
The Call - 1

Part I - Dimensions of Caring - 19

Chapter One: Health as the Will to Carry Out Our Life Story

Chapter Two: Health, Wholeness, and Intervention

Chapter Three: Health, Life, and Mortality

Chapter Four: Caring, Meaning, and Courage

Part II - Dilemmas of Caring - 153

Chapter Five: Respecting the Person

Chapter Six: Who Gets Care?

Chapter Seven: Caring Through Death

Chapter Eight: Caring From the Beginning

Part III - Directions in Caring - 303

Chapter Nine: How Then Shall We Live as Citizens?

Chapter Ten: How Then Shall We Live as Persons?

Chapter Eleven: How Then Shall We Live in the Face of Death?

Appendix 483
Bibliography 491

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