More About Born Hutterite

Born Hutterite is a rare book. Samuel Hofer writes about a culture long separated from mainstream society. His stories take you far beyond the distinctive black cloth and suspenders of the men, or the polka-dot kerchiefs and colourful long skirts of the women in the Hutterite colony of Old Lakeville -they take you into the very hearts of individuals born into a lifestyle that is supremely communal.

Meet Wipf Elias as he tells stories about his girlfriend Kleinsasser Elizabeth and her strict preacher father. Elias's sister Ida has followed the tradition of "marrying away" to another colony, and his uncle Michael Wipf has some people holding their sides with laughter while others doubt their spiritual concern. His friend Peter Waldner marries a girl from "out in the world," and Elias recalls his kindergarten days --about half-naked English people who jingle coins in their pockets, angry ganders, coyotes, potato shooters, and the old caterpillar "diesel" that saves the day when three tractors get stuck in the summer fallow behind the chicken barns.

With more than 20,000 copies sold, this book has become a Canadian prairie classic. Indeed, it is the first fiction ever published about Hutterite life by a born Hutterite. The stories take you into the Hutterite community through the very expressive language (in English) of a bona fide Hutterite. Some stories include some outrageously funny moments that'll have you in stitches.

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