More About The Baptism of Howie Cobb

Howie Cobb left his home in Douglasville, Georgia, when he was just a boy of seventeen. It was 1936. Howie could see nothing in Douglasville but a life trapped in the cotton mill, where many generations of his family had eeked out a living. When the opportunity came to join the Civilian Conservation Corps and seek adventure in the Black Hills of South dakota, Howie didn't hesitate.

He left his family and his girl a somewhat confused boy who knew little of the ways of the world or the ways of God. During his year with the Cs he became a man who understood his place in the world and the true meaning of baptism into the fold.

He experienced great joys, suffered the agonies of loss, and learned about trust and love. Howie found the deepest core of himself amidst the dark green pines along Iron Mountain Road.

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