More About An Illustrated History of the Arts in South Dakota

A splendid review of the major arts forms -- performing, literary, and visual -- as practiced in South Dakota from paleo-Indian times until the present, with a section on Sioux Indian arts by leading Lakota artist Arthur Amiotte. Commissioned by the South Dakota Humanities Council and the South Dakota Arts Council to celebrate the rich creative heritage of South Dakota in honor of the state's centennial.

"A magnificent and thorough collection, nearly 400 pages of words and illustrations. This may surprise many in our nation of urbanites who associate South Dakota with John Deeres and Winchesters. Arts have become a big deal in this land of Dances with Wolves, this seemingly distant Great Plains state." -- The Book Dealer

"The excellent color illustrations, bibliography, and index all help make this book even more valuable and are further reasons for recommending it to all libraries--school, public, and academic." -- South Dakota Library Association's Book Marks

"...virtually every event, person, or phenomenon connected with the arts in South Dakota's past and present has been included in this volume...." -- Nebraska History

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