Cats Are From Saturn
Dogs Are From Pluto*

By Ron Robinson

Demonstrations of the vast differences between species, along with the follies and foibles they share with their human counterparts.Great gift for pet lovers.
Trade Paper $10.95 ISBN 0-944287-20-4.
Hard Cover $15.95 ISBN 0-94487-21-2.
* May be ordered in quantity at discount
by qualified dealers.

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No Redeeming

No Redeeming Social Merit

By Janice H. Mikesell

"A silly soufflé of prose, poems and punchlines." Wit to wring your stiff neck with.
From Hen's Teeth. Paper, $10.00, ISBN 0-9621112-5-2.
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Scandinavian Humor:
And Other Myths

By John Louis Anderson

"I could hardly keep from laughing"--Hey Nonny Moose.
"I suppose he thinks that's funny."--Name Withheld by Request.

A Nordbook.
Trade paper, $9.95, ISBN 0-9616967-0-2.

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